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Posted on 07-11-2018

Today's article is a testimonial from one of our clients, Jessica B., about her large kitty, Oscar. It's great to see patients improving their health with diet changes and Ayurvedic herbs!

Oscar is a 5-year old tabby that looks a bit like a Maine Coon. He is a loving and adventurous big kitty. However, he wasn’t always a charmer. When I first adopted this hunk of a cat, he was skittish and very serious. His health wasn’t up to par and he was gaining weight rapidly.

            Oscar the Proper has urinary cystitis. He was on a manufactured prescription diet and was addicted to his food. He would have discomfort at night and wouldn’t urinate as often as should. When we would play, Oscar would often bite and scratch my arms to bleeding and wouldn’t understand why I needed to discontinue play to tend to my wounds. This made him very sad.

After seeing Dr. Sodhi, we agreed to switch my big guy to raw food and give him Ashwagandha and Rentone. Since then, we have had few symptoms of his chronic condition. He plays nicely, is very polite to visitors, bringing them complimentary toys and treats, and also up for a cuddle. He started biting less and began communicating vocally more.

            Recently, Oscar became a big brother when we adopted 8-month old Tux. Tux is a rescued feral cat from a local barn that is in love with Oscar and won’t leave his side. Though Tux isn’t a big fan of me, he keeps his brother company. When people come over, they will see the tiny and large cat curled up on top of each other or having bath time. Tux gets Ashwagandha to help with his anxiety and aggressiveness. Oscar has not bitten or scratch me since his baby brother came home. He shares his toys with Tux and teaches him how to be pet by me (Tux isn’t buying yet, but we’ll get there).

            My boys are an example of how diet and herbs can change the lives of animals, and their people.

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