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Posted on 03-22-2018

If you have a pet that is suffering from aches and pains or trauma, you may want to talk to your veterinarian about cold laser therapy.

What is cold laser therapy?

 Cold laser therapy is a safe form of intense light therapy that promotes healing.  It works by stimulating the cell’s mitochrondria (the “energy house” of the cell) and creating more adenosine triphosphate for the body’s energy needs as well as other cellular products necessary for healing and growth.

How is cold laser therapy done?

 There are different forms of lasers, one type popular in veterinary medicine is the LED [light-emitting diode].  LED is a non-coherent beam, meaning the light scatters with a shorter penetration.  This Class III and Class IV cold lasers are the most commonly used lasers in veterinary medicine. The laser is held over the affected area of the body for a specific duration of time set by the veterinarian.

Why choose cold laser therapy?

Laser therapy has many benefits: it is painless, safe, and requires minimal restraint of the pet.  It may need several treatments before improvement begins to take effect.  Cold laser therapy can be used for many issues.  It has been used for arthritis,   tendon and tissue injuries and muscle sprains and even lick granuloma and intervertrebal disc disease (IVDD).  If you feel that laser therapy may be appropriate for you, call your vet today. The Class IV cold laser is a state of the art laser that can provide many benefits for your pet.

German Shepherd dog runs through a field. Does he need cold laser therapy? Learn why its safe for dogs and cats.

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